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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Pest Control ISO 9001:2008 certified Organization of India engaged exclusively in Pest Management and the allied consultancy work. To add for your kind information our organization is equipped with latest techniques and manned by scientists, well-trained and qualified technical personnel who are specialists in their respective fields

IPM CO.true to its name is involved in IPM, which stands for Integrated Pest Management the latest concept in the fields of Pest Control technology such as pest recognition, pesticides, label comprehension, equipment, application, toxicity, safety and environmental concerns to manage and not just control the pest population. Besides using chemical methods, we make use of many viable approaches to pest management i.e. Physical, Mechanical, cultural Biological and other methods to provide long-term practical solution to pest problems. We lay importance to technical competence and innovative methods in all pest control activities Our Pest Management Schedule is based on five basic principles of inspection, identification, Recommendation, treatment and evaluation of pest population levels.

Innovative Pest Management Company was started in 1996 by Vijay Kumar Dubey & his team. As the time progresses, the company achieved huge positive response from satisfied customers in various pest management fields, Like Residential, Industrial, Exports Houses,Hotels, Restaurants, Food Factory, Farm House, Hospitals, etc. view more